Project Description

A cargo ship called Navegantes going to Fernando de Noronha Archipelago from Recife, with 10 people on board, got lost when it was 80 nautical miles (148 kilometres) off the coast of Paraiba on June 13. Navegantes left the port in Recife on Wednesday (June 12).

The Navy confirmed the disappearance of Navegantes and issued an alert for other ships around the area to be on the lookout. Of the ten people on board, six of them were crew members and four were passengers.

While Guaiba patrol ship of the Third Naval District Command was searching for Navegantes on June 13, the emergency signal of the cargo ship was activated. As soon as the signal was received, Brazilian Navy initiated a search and rescue operation to save all ten people on board, coordinated by the coastguard. The search started at around the last known position of Navegantes, 80 nautical miles away from the coast of Paraiba.

On the night of June 13, nine out of ten people on board were survived by the Our SEAMAN LIFERAFT; unfortunately, a crew member got lost around the shipwreck. Search for the lost passenger is still ongoing.